At first glance, the word “polar” alone could well declare you a wave of thrills! And it’s not so bad, because that’s exactly the objective of this new trend that stands out and the current weather is not without reminding us!

If chills are already being felt, it’s because the bet is won! Raw and refined, its mission is to create emotion and sensations.

Its implementation is revealed through the color by a monochrome white and shaded on pastel tones. By the material whose texture varies from smooth to crackled but also by the sometimes bright light, sometimes filtered.

The variations of the polar appear infinite and are conducive, for creative projects, to the feeling of an architecture that is both ephemeral and sensitive and sculptural and indestructible.

These two opposing feelings, however, offer to the project created on the polar a Charismatic aspect which will not be without leaving its mark on memories.


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